Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Favorite Words

I realize I haven't posted for awhile . . . it's been a little bit crazy lately with things I didn't feel like posting about like paint, poop, throw-ups, box of bandaids in toilet, inability to poop, etc ... you get the point! There was, however, one bright moment today when Alex shared these words... "Mom, I'm so glad that Madison has learned to hug me!" I love that he loves her and she loves him! Those were my favorite words today!

PS: I should mention that GOLDEN was reunited with his family that same afternoon the boys found him. Phew!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

DOG Days!

We finally broke down and got a dog - NOT! The kids found this lost dog in our neighborhood today and absolutely fell in love with him. The poor thing, he looked so old, tired and hot. Arizona is not a good place to get lost! The kids were so excited to feed him some food and water. They even decided he needed a name - so we can now affectionately refer to him as GOLDEN! Our next door neighbor has a couple dogs so they brought out the chow and we provided the water (how nice of us huh!) She and the kids went around the neighborhood trying to find it's home, but no luck so far. She also put signs up so hopefully somebody will come and claim him. In the mean time the "Ol' Fella" is in HER air conditioned laundry room waiting patiently!

Friday, September 14, 2007

No longer Absent!

After a very long stretch of being ABSENT from my children's classrooms, I finally decided it was time and feasible (no attached baby) to get back in and volunteer. I was able to go to Alex's Kinderstep class this morning at Riggs (this one's for you Krissy!) Elementary. It was so fun to be in there and see what he was learning and doing each day. We all know that boys don't always give nearly as much information as we mothers would like! It was also fun to see some of the kids he has talked about and see him interact with them. He has a great teacher and he seems to really like her. She has things very organized and structured (which, with 25 4/5 year olds you have to be!) and the kids seemed to be getting into a good routine. I do have to admit that Tanner was very sad this morning to hear that I was going into Alex's class and wondered why I hadn't been in his. So Tanner, the next time is for you!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Moving On Up!

This was a great weekend . . . especially for our frogs, Swimmer and Diver! They just tripled their square footage and had their place updated and redecorated. Boy are they lucky!!! I'm still waiting for the first round of decorating to happen here! :-) Nate took the boys out on some errands and they conveniently found themselves at Petco. I guess it is good to get the boys "re-excited" about their frogs since they are all dreaming and pushing for a dog - and I just can't do it! Our neighbors who have had to pet-sit our frogs while we've been out of town will also be excited the frogs have a bigger home! They've all commented that they felt sorry for the frogs having to live in such small quarters. So here goes, our frogs are no longer big frogs in a little pond! I hope they enjoy!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day

So Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Fortunately or unfortunately, we didn't do too much laboring. I would have like to, but it was too darn hot! One of these days we will get to our "To Do" list. (I must say Nate did clean out the garage on Saturday - thank you!!) We attended our neighborhood Labor Day celebration, which was really a 4th of July party in disguise - flags, parade, red, white and blue. I'm thinking next year a halloween party might be the ticket - hmm October, we might be in the low 90's! The kids had a great time jumping on the big blow-up bounce play things and the Gilbert Fire Dept showed up to squirt down those willing with their big fire hose. And, it was the first time I had eaten ice cream so soon after breakfast. Amazingly, it still tasted good! After about an hour or so, we were all exhausted from the heat and headed back to the A/C.

We ended the holiday with a fun evening with the Bennetts. We all did a little swimming and they BBQ'd some great meat they picked up at a little mercado not too far from our place! Nate tells me that would be a good place to shop! :-)

Overall it was a good weekend. It is always nice to have Nate around an extra day and also enjoy more time with the kids!