Friday, February 22, 2008

Shaq Sighting!

As many of you know, Shaquille O'Neal was recently traded to the Phoenix Suns...and it's been a big deal around here! In fact, his first game was just two days ago against the LA Lakers - unfortunatley the Suns lost! Well, today we had our first Shaq sighting at none other than the now famous and fabulous Ahwatukee Subway! I was sitting in the car with the kids while Nate went in to order. Literally two minutes after Nate got in line, here comes Shaq walking down the sidewalk right in front of my all too cool mini-van! :-) There is no mistaking him--he is really as tall as they say he is! He even had to duck to get in under the already tall doorway. It was amusing to watch all the people in line turn their heads trying to decide if it was really him! A guy who owned a smoothie business a couple of doors down came running in with a poster to sign. A young girl ran back out to her car and returned with a Phoenix Suns t-shirt. Two guys came out and I could hear them say, "Did you see those crazy pants he was wearing?" It was pretty fun to be a "fly in the car" and watch everybody's reaction! Finally, when Nate did come back out (it took him forever and I was pretty sure that he had invited himself to eat lunch with Shaq - although he insists that it was because they couldn't get Shaq's footlong order right!) I asked him where my Shaq signature was. I figured that was the least he could get for me since I waited in the car with two busy and starving kids. Unfortunately, Nate informed me that he didn't have anything on him that Shaq could sign. Oh, but wait! As Nate was getting back in the car with our sandwiches, out walks the big guy! Nate tells him, "Hey we're glad to have you here in Phoenix, good luck with your game tonight!" He replied, "Thanks, man!" and he looked in the car where I had Madison sitting on my lap in the driver's seat and said to her, "Hi Baby! Good thing ya look like your mamma and not your daddy!" We all laughed and Nate and I watched (and discreetly took a photo with our cellphone camera) as he walked over and hopped into his big black Diesel! I think I like this guy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Madison

I was so exited to get a little girl after two boys! I looked forward to all things pink! Pink clothes, pink blankets, pink bows in hair. And sure enough there was plenty of pink in the house to diffuse the overwhelming blue. But now that she is becoming that independent two year old who insists (demands may be a better word) on doing things all by herself, loves to joins the evening wrestling match with the boys, screams just as loud as her brothers, can cover her entire body in blue marker and spits when she is mad (yes, I said spit), I wonder what happened to my cute, soft and feminine little girl that I had yearned for. Well, luckily despite all the previously mentioned activities we do get a few days when she is all girl! Last week she begged to have her toes painted and her hair in ponies. This morning she wanted to have her fingernails painted pink - so that is just what we did! Thank goodness for little girls! We love you Madison!