Thursday, September 29, 2011

New State, New Schools, New Teachers...

That's a lot to conquer..
Madison - Kindergarten (again!)
Tanner - 7th grade (first year in middle school)

Alex - 3rd grade

But hopefully with all these new fun neighborhood friends, you will survive!


After nearly 7 months of living in uncertainty and apart, we finally got our family back together under one roof!
(Now the question is, can we get all our junk back under one roof?)

Before the onslaught of boxes!

And the chaos begins!

Looks like our Saturday's will be a bit more busy than with our AZ desert landscaping!

But the best part's only a bike ride away!  Come visit!

How Time Flies

It's been almost 4 months since we left Arizona. In some ways it seems like just yesterday and in other ways eons ago! Here is a little glimpse of what we've been up to:

 Moving Day...amazingly all 23K lbs fit into the 18-wheeler!  We were getting a little worried towards the end!

 Hello California! Even if it was only for a week in HB (thanks Uncle Lon & Aunt Grace!) up Utah!  The kids are quite certain we are vagabonds!
 Spent some time with cousins and second cousins!
More time with Tueller cousins - on the Heber Creeper (and it definitely creeped!)
 Good times with G&G Glazier at the Hogle Zoo

 Said goodbye to Aunt Bev and Uncle Dave ...El Salvador will Love you!
Did some Alpine sliding in Park City - glad to have our Dad join us for the weekend!

Welcomed home Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike from 3 years in Chile!

Hiked with Grandma Chris to Ensign Peak
And finally found this circus tent to move into!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going Private!

Let me know if you want promises on how often I'll post, but hopefully more than once every 2 years!