Friday, September 12, 2008

Training Wheels Come Off

Alex passed a big milestone recently. He learned to ride his bike without his training wheels! We took the necessary precautions and decked him out in elbow and knee pads and strapped on his helmet, and went out to the street one evening after the weather had cooled down. He must have just been ready and ripe for this big step because he didn't take long to get the hang of it. I held the back of his bike seat and ran behind him a few steps and gave him a big push and off he went peddling and balancing down the road. He was a little nervous and kept looking over his shoulder to see if I was still there as back up, so I reminded him to keep looking forward to maintain his balance. I ran behind him a few trips up and down the street to make sure he didn't crash, and after a few times he didn't even need me to do that. He did great! He quickly learned how to turn around so he could came back toward home at the end of the street (and not be like Forrest Gump heading straight off to the horizon), but when it came time to stop, he did have a little trouble. Instead of braking until the bike stops and then putting your foot down, he went with the "abandon ship" method where the bike slows, and right before it stops, he jumps off or stands up as it collapses under him. Whatever works. We'll practice those details later, but for now, he is a riding and balancing machine. He loves it, and it is fun to see him enjoy it and feel like one of the big kids.

The Power of a Black Bat

Today was the day Alex has been waiting for ...the day he finally got to go to the dentist! Without going into all the details of previously failed visits, the number of dentists we have seen and the expenses we've incurred, we had told Alex that if he was brave and didn't get too crazy on us, we'd buy him his new favorite, "have to have" Black Bat webkinz. {I know, you've got to love bribery!} So needless to say, the past few weeks he has been all consumed with figuring out the number of days {he is a numbers kind of guy} until he could "earn" his next webkinz. The fact that he was going to have six more cavaties filled was purely secondary. Fortunately with the help of a little "sleepy juice" this time around, he did just fine and was a mighty brave and courageous little guy. We now have a Black Bat roaming our house and a happy boy that hopefully doesn't have to go back to the dentist for a long, long time! Who knew Webkinz could have such power?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why, Oh Why???

After working my tail off for an hour doing this

do I come home and find and indulge in these

when my fridge is fully stocked with spinach, cantelope, strawberries, whole wheat bread...

Back to work I go! Ugh!!
and no I didn't eat 60 packs....just enough to satisfy that sweet and salty craving!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mmmm....THE Bread!

How do you make approximately 24loaves of bread in just an hour and a half ? Just invite all of your favorite Beehives and of course The Expert, Trish to come over and voila! We didn't quite get them in the pans or cooked, but we still had a great time learning how to make that yummy sacrament bread. Thanks Trish!

Did I mention that I'm still finding flour everywhere? :-)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Adventures (or misadventures...) at White Horse Lake

Our neighbors invited us to go "camping" with them over Labor Day weekend. We, of course, thought "sure, we'll go" because our kids just think camping is the greatest thing ever! Anything to make the kids happy and give them outdoor experiences, right? Now, I use the term camping loosly, because for our kind neighbors who invited us, "camping" is done in a brand new huge camper with all the amenities of home....fridge, microwave, beds, get the picture! For us , think not so luxurious like tent, dirt, bugs, mud... oh, so fun! So, after spending a day and a half packing, trying to figure out a menu that can last in the cooler for 3 days with only the ice that you take and watching the weather reports that didn't look promising, we finally get into to the car for what should be a 3 1/2 hour drive. Well that 3 1/2 hour drive turned into something like 7 with all the "quick errands" we needed to do on the way out, horrible holiday traffic, "I have to go potty" stops and a few phone calls from the neighbors who had made it to the campsite earlier reporting that they were having torrential rain storms. We were sooo close to turning around and heading back home. In fact, I had my three day weekend "honey-do list" already figured out in my head! But alas, from the back seat two little voices said, "We don't care if it rains, we'll still have fun and not complain!" "Really?, No crying if you get wet and muddy?" Nate and I tried to confirm with them. "Really!" they said. So, we pressed forward! And fun they had even with some major downpours here and there. We took a hike, attempted fishing, ate too many s'mores, took in the cool refreshing mountain air and, amazingly, the tent actually stayed dry! (inside that is! :-)

Nate whipping up some pancakes!
Madison & Jacob doing some diggin'

Balancing Act

Got to love catch and release!
Girlies playing with the bait

Tanner really getting serious about this fishing thing!

Oh so happy that neighbors have dogs so I don't have to!