Friday, July 4, 2008

A Relinquished Job

I'd venture out to say that when a child decides to take on a household job, most mothers are more than happy to let them take it on. Well my little Madison has decided to take on this job...
Yep that's right she is now my resident cricket, silver fish any kind of bug catcher! She is quick to get her tissue and once she has the culprit captured, into the toilet it goes! I have no intention of EVER putting this task back on MY "to-do" list!

Happy Fourth of July!

We've had a great FOJ weekend, felt spoiled to have our Daddy home for an extra day and a half, ate way to much and swam 'til our hearts content!
Madison taking a ride! Nothing like filling up on Doritos!

Chillin' in the "Hot Tub" with Alyssia in between sliding and swimming in the real pool!
We are so sad to say "adios" to our sweet neighbors, the Smiths. We will miss them wish them all the best in Alabama!