Monday, January 12, 2009

Keeping Tradition

Every year that I can remember, my paternal grandparents and now my parents have always made a big batch of Bratceli's just in time for the holidays. They are a thin Swiss cookie made from lots of butter, sugar cinnamon and a hint of lemon...hmm, no wonder they are so good! The recipe comes straight from Switzerland and has been passed down from generation to generation. After serving a mission in England, my dad was able to travel to Switzerland before returning home. During his travels, he found a bratceli iron and brought it home to his mother who had also spent many years making these with her family.

In years past, I had helped here and there rolling the dough into small balls, but had mostly just enjoyed sampling the finished product. But this year, I knew it was something that I wanted to make sure I knew how to do from start to finish. I wanted to learn the "tricks of the trade" so that I could pass this tradition on to my children. Especially since my parents have been able to secure a few more irons in their travels and with the help of a good Swiss friend. And I'm hoping that I might inherit one of them! (hint, hint - and I promise I'll be a good girl!) Here are some photos of our attempt - and yes, I conned everyone into helping! Unfortunatley during our fun cooking adventure we lost track of Madison and cousin Josh! They apparently didn't think it was their thing and decided to check out Grandma Chris' bedroom and take a peek at all of her beautifully wrapped Christmas presents! Grandma Chris wasn't too happy! I think eventually she decided to laugh about it! :-)

Everyone rolling tiny balls

According to Grandma Tueller you have to give them a little curl - no flat bratcelis around here!

The aftermath of Madison and Josh - two days BEFORE Christmas!


Momma Chickie said...

Glad you finally got back to blogging. We have had a good laugh at Maddie and Josh's escapade. It was so fun to see you all at Christmas. Love you all!

Michelle said...

I remember eating these at your house as a little girl! I'm glad to see you keeping up the tradition!

Jamie Y said...

Yum! Isn't there something in that tradition about sharing it with your favorite neighbors once you've made it?? They sound delicious and I love Madison's teeny tiny balls of dough.

Christine and Seth said...

I am with mom, we have missed your blogging! I laughed so hard when my mom told me about Maddie and Josh-what rascals.

Tigger said...

Today I watched your Anderson girls play basketball. They take after their Grandma Chris. Come to Utah.

Heidi said...

We totally made these at my Grandma Teuscher's house growing up. They are so pretty, dainty and yummy. Thanks for bringing back a memory.